Imagine EBoy//Colby Brock (part 2)⚠️Partly Dirty ⚠️ : Read Count : 26

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*After the party*
You say goodbye to everyone. You go to your car with Sam and everyone else too. The boy that had opened the door for you pushed you against the car . Sam saw and got mad. You try to push him away from you but, the next thing you know the boy was kissing your neck and had his fingers in your pants. You start to cry yelling for Sam. Sam was trying to get you ,but you started to fall backwards into the car. The boy closes the car door behind him and locks all of the car doors. The boy that is holding you captive tells you his name is "Colby".  

You were in the car with him on top of you and you screamed and told him "to let you go now". He does not listen too you . He takes off your shirt and your bra, then your pants and underwear. Then he pulls out duck tape and taped your mouth. Then he takes off his pants and underwear too. The sticks his d**k in your p***y so hard that he hit your g spot. He then traced your p***y with his fingers and stuck them in to you.  Then he took of the tape and you moaned and you are still crying. He then stuck his d**k into you one last time. He hit your g spot again and then you and him got wet.  After you got wet he licked you all clean. The next thing you know he put his and your clothes on. And he whispers in your ear saying "if you don't be my girlfriend then Sam will get hurt and you don't want that do you". You are still crying and tell him "No I don't want Sam to get hurt, fine i will be your EGirl". And Colby said "good". He unlocks all of the doors. You run out and hug Sam so hard that you feel safe. The boys and girls ask Colby "what is wrong with you". Colby smiles and says "She is my toy and object and I will break her heart to millions of pieces and so she will not want to be alive or in love with anyone." The girls go up to Colby and smack him and say "we are not objects and she will definitely not be yours." You are still hugging Sam when you hear Colby call your name. You look at Sam and say "I have to go." You walk over  to Colby and say "Yes baby."  Colby then asks for a "kiss." You say "no way."  Colby gets so mad that he yells at you saying "how dare you say no to a kiss you said you will be my EGirl because if you don't then Sam will get hurt". Sam heard everything and said "WHAT!!, you told my younger sister that you will hurt me if she does not be your EGirl." Colby them looks at Sam and said "Yeah but I am sorry, I love her so much when I saw her this morning picking you up." Sam goes up to Colby and smack him and told him that they will not be "friends again". Colby cries and you hug him. He hugs you back but you stop him and follow Sam to his room. You knock on the door and Sam said "go away." You did not go away and you walk in telling Sam it was you. Then you walk to him and hug him in the corner and tell him "I love you Sam ,but I did it to protect you,  please forgive him he really loves you and he knows that he should have not done that, also he will be nothing without you." Sam cries and said "I will forgive him and he should not have not said that he will hurt me, also  please be careful with him and I know you have a crush on him too, and I love you to sis."  


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