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I thought those days were gone
I thought they were no more
I thought I could be happy
I thought I was getting better
I thought I was getting stronger
But all were assumption 
Lies I told to myself and others
"I am fine" the cover up word
"I will never cry after this one" a broken promise
I want to be free
Like a bird 
Free from my emotions 
Free from my aggressions
But I still get caged.
Hitting those bars to break away
But it ain't easy
I don't understand those emotions 
I often tag them as "feeling"
Ruining my day and nights
Hunting me like demons
Taking all the chances of being happy geniuely
I am now seen as weak 
I can't control it
Those tears flowing down from my bulgy eyes
Wish I had someone to talk to
Who do I have to talk to?
My loneliness has taken over me
My friends won't understand
My parent never understands
Never would they even listen to me 
Never would they hear me out
"I am a rude child to them" whenever I argue with them
 I try to please them 
But they never appreciate
Always pointing out my mistakes
Am all alone cleaning the kitchen 
Dancing slowing to the melodious song played from the house behind us
This feeling came again 
Took charge of me 
And I soon became sad 
I feel defeated
I feel lost 
Seen weeping uncontrollably on the floor
Telling myself I would be fine 
I wish to 
I hope to.
I just want to be free like a bird
Feel from all this emotions 
Free from all this depression
Am quiet cos I am consumed by my thought
Lot tag it as being gentle and reserved
Fine I might have trait of introversy
But I am not that gentle person ppl see me as
"The feeling" is literally controlling my life
Making me sad all the time


  • Zee Musty

    Zee Musty

    A lot of people misunderstand people like me cos they think we are weak, gentle, attention seekers or whatever.But seriouly we aren't that we have something really bothering us.A lot of people don't care about their mental health.i was among them before until i realised that i have depression and anxiety.Those i haven't spoken to any one and dat becos ppl around me don't believe or totally neglect mental health.A lot of people are being depressed and misunderstood.Suicide is now rampant, Lack of communication between parent and children is also a factor increasing the rate. A lot of time i av thought of ending my life.But i remember my goal of helping people that goes through mental heath issues somedays at least then i feel better.I hope one day i feel fufilled and genuiely happy.SUICIDE is not an option.Sorry for the long speech really needed to clear my mind😁.bye bye

    Aug 12, 2020

  • Aug 12, 2020

  • Aug 12, 2020

  • Aug 12, 2020

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