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Sub Category : Horror

The cry was faint but I heard her loud and clear as I walked past the dark bushes. My steps faltered. It was late and I wasn’t sure if it would be a smart idea to stop and inspect the source. I stayed behind the bush to see what made this women lose her loosh. The trees were beautiful and the moon shined from her deep scars made of craters and lashing of stars. I looked closely to get a glance of the girls face. The florescent girl kept her eyes in her palms so I wasn't able to see the beauty that hid behind her twitchy fingers. All you could see from my angle was her pale dress that waved at the bottom. It was long and it glistened in the dark. It shined white.  A type of shine that could spur out of an angels aura. It was not a thing to forebode but approach so I did. 
"Hey,.... Can I help with anything? Why are you crying in the garden of sooth? What has happened?" 
She didn't speak, she kept her eyes in her smooth looking hands. I looked at her for a long time and then spoke again,
" Have you lost someone that meant a great deal to you?" 
After the second time of trying to figure out her dread I looked up to the sky. The moon was starting to fall sideways and began rolling down the skies platform. I became startled by the crazy phenomenal rolling that had occured in the rippled sky. I turned around to tell the Florescent girl. When I did I finally saw her face. She had dimples that trickled from her smile, her freckles showed universes pure and untouched. Her eyes showed ponds and puddles of the world. After looking at the aweness of her, her face began to melt like the wicked witch. She then tried grabbing at me, she grew claws and ripped my poorly pressed shirt. She screamed as if she was a demon being exercised. She then yelled into the depths of my soul that echoed into the earth and out onto the minds of indistinct matter.
" This is for all the sins the beast in you holds and this is for the the sins your people have shown miraculously with uneven tone!!"
I looked as if I had been shocked with a cable connected to millions of other cables all at once. I began to run. I ran for a mile or so, to turn back and see no one and nothing was chasing me. 
" Oh no am I hallucinating again.... oh no! oh no! oh no! oh no, I think I'm losing my mind like my father and his father and his father did."

© Jorge Romero Campos, Dicha Shin


  • Sep 14, 2020

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