Illusions Of Source: Part 2 Read Count : 17

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Sub Category : Science Fiction
Their world undeveloped in matters of seconds and finally fell. They fell onto a wall and broke it like glass. An unstood maze of mazes maxed out in confusion, is where the tall blundered men teleported too. The sanded concrete floor showed outlining images of alchemy symbols. The symbols lead them down an abyss of uncertainty like life does. They walked with the slow soft breeze that hit against their face like the waves do against the rocks. A splash of freshness damped into their eyes which made them teary eyed. Both rubbed their eyes. Buddy went to put his hand on the side wall beside him to get balance as he did. Once he did he came to the realization as he was falling there was no wall.
"Buddy!! Nooo!!" Ricellious yelled as he looked at his only friend and companion fall into the midst of blackness. By now he was on his knees, sobbing looking for answers within his own mind. Nothing came. After a few minutes he got up and kept on walking down the cement trail. He kept his awareness straight and focused, hoping at the end of this, he'll wake up reading the book he picked up from the black tv tray. 

To Understand read Illusions Of Source: Part One
Thank you for reading by the way !

© Jorge Romero Campos, Dicha Shin

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  • Sep 14, 2020

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