REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1,Chapter# Read Count : 18

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Sub Category : Fantasy
                     25-A STRANGE PLACE 
Then Max replied "We all make a gift for you! You will love it" "Yes why not where is it?" Then Balvin closed Leon's eyes with his hands and took him to his gift. And when Balvin removed his hands Della pull a cloth in which a fantastic and glorious car was hiden. Leon was so amazed when he saw it. He sat in it and started to found it's ignition. Then Max said "It will start on yours voice" Then Leon said "Knight ready to fight!" Then car started with its full grace of sound. And then Leon heared more vehicles voice. Leon looked behind he saw that Balvin was on a mini expandable jet Della was on a robotic expandable horse bike and Max was on a expandable monster truck. Leon was so happy and confused after looking at this. Then Electra said "After every 1 year all the royal bloods have to take a long journey all over the Zakandlas and help the poor peoples by there magic. Yor father me and other knights were do this job since born day of Zakandlas and it's people.Every Knight do it with his powers in second but it's your birthday so i think from now we will do in a fun way so do a race and help our people" After this all knights said in one voice "Knight ready to fight!" And transformed into there power  mode and then there vehicles transformed too just like them but Leon and his car don't changed and then Della transformed them into a super mode too. And Leon transformed into STROM KNIGHT just for a journey because it was only a magic and he cannot use stom powers. It was only like a costume. All crowed were yelling in happiness.And then this bunch of Knights gone into different direction with a burst of speed. They all released their powers through the vehicles and helping the people. Della relive all the dead fields in Migaria. Max rebuild the broken or destroyed building in Flamea. And Balvin increase the power of thunders in Lightarea for the health of  thunders.and Leon safe many people from spase monsters. But then Leon watched a person with a long black hood. Leon saw him from the side window of the car. But he shake his head and ignored it. He was in the region of  Firex where was not a spark of fire excited. There was a small population of weird people. And then Leon saw someone in a black long hood and then he can't control the car and  his car rolled up and crashed.



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