Beginning Read Count : 16

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
Before time its self there was nothing but a dark abyss that never ends til one day a orb of light formed. The orb then began shaping it's self centuries pasts and the orb had shaped himself into a man. The man felt lonely so he decided to take a piece of himself and shape it into a being much similar to himself in whom he named man then he continued making all kinds of beings small, large, weird, and scary. He made so many beings he didn't know where to keep them all. So he crafted rock but he didn't want his children to grow thirsty so he made water and he made food for when their hungry, he made air so wind can carry their breath. He made many homes for his children but it became to crowded so then he spread them out through the dark empty abyss filling it with life. But them trouble struck his life had frozen being away from him so he to spects of himself and spread through the abyss alight


  • L C

    L C

    sorry for the writing mistakes. I will fix them when, I have time in my schedule. so injoy and god bless you

    Sep 14, 2020

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