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I've been noticing so much more of what's deep down inside of me. Losing my sleep with this. Growing a bit mindless, been getting so selfish keeping most of my time to myself. I can't seem to control this monster taking control of my body. The lines are comin so solidly, free mindedly, screws loose the epiphany, but still I'm filled with that blasphemy that says I'm supposed to keep on doubting me. Yeah, they all clowning me, right now I'm the target see so that monster inside of me keeps getting more powerful wrecking more pieces of me and every memory making me forget me. These words are the only thing left of me, so much gone, just say goodbye to me. Don't care if they keep doubting me, I ain't no longer worried about a fame to be, I finally see it so clearly, the only, thing to be is the process of wording unsoundly until I can finally start tossing out what's me to get rid of this monster inside of me. The only time I truly knew me was when I was laughing with you when I was also never too worried about problems like trusting and doing things that ended up lovely. Lately it's all bloody. Lather the sudsy, can't let it get infected see. This monster, done took the best of me, now I gain it all back to get straight back to me while still keeping the current me. 


  • Sep 16, 2020

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