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My God,
 Tell me what my life means to You? 
 Because I haven't found its meaning yet.
  I hide under a blade of grass 
And sometimes I forget to breathe. 

 If I'm so important to You?  
Why do You make me cry daily?
  I feel like a lost sheep in a herd, 
Trying to get rid of darkness.

I wait in line for happiness, 
I don't know when it's my turn.  
You left me with a bleeding soul 
That doesn't allow me to grow. 

 I dance like a grain of sand in the wind, 
Without finding my direction.
 I stumble over the bigger stones
 And I fall into the darkness desert.  

My hands are bleeding with tears
 That I can no longer control.  
Tell me, God
What should I do here for YOU?


  • Sep 14, 2020

  • Sep 14, 2020

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