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The wind has always been just like the man that goes with the flow of Athen. His steep view on the world battens his children's love and passion. His growth of silky wrinkles and long bright white hair fathoms his heirs induced ration. His boyish ways are long past him, but his young joyous self will always remain in action. A coot in many weary eyes but in truth he shines brighter than a medallion.
 He's gone through the troubles of life that'll make you tremble in fright, he's never been a rebel but the peacemaker in fight, he's been hated for the treasure he holds of insight, and through it all the Sylphs protect and guide his life. 
The feather and ink shows his glory and the treasure he seeks is euphoric. The measure of his capabilities have been enormous and seen throughout the land of notion. One hundred and twenty years to understand the dark lighted ocean.
oh what a blessing,  yes ,yes  and throughout the years
He's walked with fear and learned courage needs to be practiced. 
Practice the instructions to expand the ingredients to the potion. 

© Jorge Romero Campos, Dicha Shin


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