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I’ve always know on what i have learned on how to forgive for and that is my mother and myself.😇
When I was a little girl my mother was the best mother in the whole wide world and somehow I’ve must forgotten that now.😇
When she started drinking she changed over night and the alcohol made her into a monster that no child should never have.😇 she became sick in her head and in her body.😢 I don’t quite know how she became like that but I think it’s due to the alcohol problem that she and could not fight it at all and it made me realise that she was not human anymore and needed to go and so she did.😔 we Fought with her for about 8 years and during those she said some of nastiness things that she said about me and to my twin brother Luke and to my father and family and that hurt and distroyed our family for what she did do to us and I hated her for that.🤬
As now I am recovering from my mother’s hell and death after nearly three years now I can finally say to my mother that I forgive you and I know on how sorry that you are now and even now that I know that you’re not here anymore I am free from your chains and moving on with my life and forgetting the things that you did cause to me and having a great life now thank you.😇


  • Thank you

    Sep 13, 2020

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