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The year 2020:
 The year in which the virus took us by surprise,
 Teaching us to give fewer hugs.  
This virus it advised us to wash our hands again,
 To use more disinfectant on the hands.  

This virus had became
 The number 1 enemy of the whole world. 
 Playing more dangerous than a war, 
Emptying the pockets of the poor...
By filling the mouths of the rich, 
Giving more money, power, attention, 
Becoming "heroes"
Becoming indestructible people.

 The year in which a woman exposes her breasts
 On social networks to receive
 More "likes", "hearts",  "followers",
This is what beauty looks like nowadays.  

The year in which we avoid touching, 
The year in which we must wear a mask, 
Getting sick with a virus that may not even exist.

We learned how to talk less 
And to be submissive
In front of the healthy rich.

And there is much more to say.
 You have to be blind not to see. 
We are starting to feel less and less,
 This is what the human race looks like nowadays.


  • Sep 12, 2020

  • Sep 12, 2020

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