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It's exactly that. I remember I had always enjoyed helping others. Then one day I fell in love and never let the words come out. That moment destroyed me, quite a bit. Became someone constantly reliving memory after memory. Every piece of life, at my disposal unwillingly. I couldn't control me. Lost faith in me. I then became a druggy, because everything was already so foggy I didn't care if how much I took was lethal or deadly. I've reached out to many, ending up running away from me, not them you see. I was never able to see it because I tried to bury it. Hesitant is all I've been, and I'm finally starting my new regiment. I believe, yet still very little. I'll help any person who needs it, and stop asking for help when I need it. I'm not perfect, I bleed that. I'm just looking for that person I buried within me a long time ago. 


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