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Standing among others with hand over heart

Surrounded by voices flat or sharp

Perfect disharmony 

For an imperfect country 

Yet our flag still waves

O'er the home of the slaves

Imprisoned by our own conditioning

Of living a life of repeated routine

Everyday working nine-to-five

And we call this being alive?

Working long hours awaiting a short weekend

Where unfulfilled dreams are ultimately weakened 

Buried under mounds of material excess

More collected clutter to define our success 

A digital social hierarchy viewed from a small screen

Where status is assigned by who follows our stream

Corporate banks loaning more debt

With green IOUs not backed by a cent

Invisible dollars we work to invest 

To be paid back with our own homes, plus interest 

Oh God, good God, you've shed greed on thee!

After our trust placed onto you and your fallacy 

So sit or stand for our national anthem 

It doesn't matter when you're living for the system 

Blinded by a false sense of reality 

We've confused life with our current experience 

To be happy in this world would lack any real sense 

Can you truly say you live your life for you?

That's the real American dream, 

though few live it true.


  • fab writing

    Sep 12, 2020

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