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No, I said I don’t want you to enter my bed not even if you covered that gross thing you call a head
I don t care if you have more money than Bill Gates that only tells me you’re a loser and I have one rule that losers I never date
I told you once twice now go away no I will not get dressed and come out to play
You need to just go home you're not wanted here I don't care if you cry, I will tell you one last time if you don’t go I will shoot you with this gun and you will die
What’s that between your eyes OMG you have to go in front of me was the biggest zit I had ever seen and it was ready to blow
Since he would not leave, I gave him a right cross that sent to the ground when he got up he was covered in puss and he didn't make a sound
The next morning I found a bouquet of flowers that were all dead I tied them to a big old rock and tossed it and it hit him 
I picked up the phone and I was about to yell that’s it I'm done being nice next time I see him I'm going to send him back to hell
I was coming home from work and he stepped in the street right in front of me I didn't think twice I gave it more gas I do give him credit he didn’t flee
I must have hit him doing 50 and he went flying blood was splattered all over my windshield and wherever he landed I hope he was not dying
 I washed my car as soon as I got home it was all bloody and when I was done there, he was standing In front of me a complete mess he was all bloody from head to toe this guy was getting on my nerve I do confess
I grabbed out of my trunk my big Louisville slugger I yelled at him to leave me alone and I began to hit him like he was a mugger 
I thought he was dead he was not moving and I smashed my bat several times into his head
I called the police they told me not to leave that I had to stay then believe it or not he started getting up and I yelled no way
Don't you know how to stay dead you're worse than Jason what do I have to do fill you full of lead
And that's what I did six times with my forty-five but he wasn’t dead he was still breathing and he was alive
I finally yelled so loud what do I have to do to get rid of you he handed me a buck and said won't you sign this saying to my friend dear blue
I signed the book how was he still alive my head I just shook
  He left and I watched as he walked over the hill and just like that, he was gone from my sight the cops came and I told them what happened they didn't believe me and locked me up for the night
They thought I killed someone but nobody could be found for days they searched all around
They finally let me go after 30 days and boy it was still hot when I got home, I went to my back porch and there it was in a bag behind the door 20 lb. of pot
I rolled me a big fat joint and got high as a kite way up in the sky I fell asleep and began dreaming of the man that I shot six times in the chest and he would not die
Years later when ever some ask me about that day, I just smile at them with a cynical grin and tell them I have nothing to say
People stop talking to me and saying hello after that fatal day rumors say I shot somebody in the back so I stay all by myself smoking my pot and now they call me the lady in Black


  • Very good story in poem about adventures!

    Sep 12, 2020

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