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Kids with guns

Nanobyte crumbs

Fluoridated water

Promiscuous daughter

Arsenic-laced Kool-Aid

Ritualistic masquerade 

Serpentine fruit

Digitalized loot

False narratives 

Occult motives

A.I. sex magick

Kiddie porn conglomerate 

Mandated face masks

Gender identity bash

Humanity mentally ill 

Escape with just one pill 

Stimulus fast cash

Hidden strings attached 

University mind control 

Thought Police patrol 

Society re-engineered

Communist America near

Digital disease

Guns to be seized 

Yearly influenza 

Satanic agenda

Hypocrite factions

Self-acclaimed victims

Old Nazi ploys

Fiery decoys

Identity politics 

Well-placed bricks

Family life scattered

And all lives matter...?


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