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I'm a firecracker that just never went bang I just fizzled and smoked I never was given the chance to show how great I could have been I just choked
I walk here and there with my head down never looking people in the face I'm always staring at the ground
My life hasn't been bad no don’t think I was a disgrace no that that not true but I was never able to climb that hill to the top in any race
I never got a chance for someone to say he was the best he worked harder did everything better and never took any rest 
I lost my way multiple times and had to scratch and crawl to get back where I started all the way to the beginning of the track
Having to start over wasn’t very fun I was not able to get outside and play with my family and friends and enjoy the sun
I was always too busy working or sleeping in my bed I had to put food on the table so the family could be fed
I've done some great things that anyone should be proud of but I was never the best I was never able to stand on that podium and pound my chest
Then one day I snapped I couldn't take being second place I wanted the rainbow the pot of gold on the other side and the beautiful girl in lace
Four long years I traveled that road sometimes I still do it's a hard habit to break what lies ahead who knows I'll just take one day at a time otherwise the pain would start pounding in my head
Not everybody sees things the way I do when I tried to explain it to them, I just turned blue
 Everybody has their own path they must hike and after all that hardship I went through I wish I taken a bike
Did I learn anything probably not but do it again I probably will I'm free to do whatever I want to do these days  I go here or there  I even go walking down to to he old mIll
I don't go chasing rainbows anymore or look for that pot of gold I've closed that door
I had some great times some very sad times and some really bad times
My one regret is that I lost mcla I searched everywhere but could not find just disappeared and leaving no sign
Mcla was very dear to me like losing part of your soul it’s hard to explain but I will just say I will never be whole
I have come to grips with my mortality I don't live in fantasy my feet are planted firmly on the ground I live in reality
But every now and then I see a rainbow and I just smile because my feet begin to dance and they want to go
I've got to hit the ground hard and grab my feet so they can’t run if not I they will take off chasing that pot of gold like a bullet fired from a gun
So will this firecracker ever explode you never know it's never too late I will just keep plugging away writing my stories until the day that I reach heaven’s gate


  • Sep 12, 2020

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