What Ever It Takes To Survive Read Count : 35

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 A person’s life even to them at times
 will seem strange your life you will experience many things himgs and go through many many changes 
There will be the ups and the downs and flips and flops that put you on the ground
 Then you have those surprise out of nowhere twists and turns that toss you about then throws you into fire where  you get burned
Sometimes you will win and you will be all happy until your head start to spins 
The rest of the time you just have to keep on trying to be the best to be acknowledged by your peers as they put that medal on your chest
Time flows like a river always moving forward never stopping and never knowing what lies ahead so enjoy your trip laugh love cry get angry because when the river stops you will be dead
I remember days long past when I was befriended by so many but sad those days just never seem to last
  I always had a smile on my face I was laughing all the time and I knew everyone’s name I enjoyed life had a lot of friends I was on top of my game
As the years rolled by there were mistakes made and now, I am alone except for or a very few that have stood by me and I still talk to on the phone
But all the others just vanished and all gone without a good bye my memory isn’t very good and I can’t remember their names and this makes me cry
It was like as if I was a sinking ship and at the first chance the crew left so fast like a horse being struck by a whip
Alone now everyone has left and has jumped ship leaving me now I just float on the waves of the stormy seas
Nothing has been easy in fact I had fight and claw my way up my entire life even now alone with no way out and at my back someone is holding a knife
I will continue to fight every day until once again my eyes can see the light
It is not in me to bow down to my knees and let fate decide what is to become me  
I have had this talk with fate before she knows not to come knocking at my door
Last time she tried to tell me I was dead we fought like angry curs until I beaned on the top of her head 
I walked out of there alive I will fight and do whatever it takes to survive


  • Sep 12, 2020

  • Sep 12, 2020

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