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Please don't listen 
To the sad songs my voice sings.
  Please forgive me, for thinking of you, 
When you weren't going to think of anything. 

 Please do not read the painful messages 
That my heart sent to you. 
 I do not know where to hide,
 Or what's going on in my head. 

Now that I want to find peace,
 Your doubts follow me everywhere. 
 It's unbelievable how you think 
You can solve everything
 With a kiss on my hand.

  Please shut up, 
Your words kill my thoughts.
  I was the air that dried your hair, 
But now I will become anything.

 Don't compare me to anyone,
 I don't want to look like anyone.  
My wounds have nothing in common 
With the wounds of your friends.


  • Sep 12, 2020

  • Sep 12, 2020

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