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I will never forget anything about you, 
Even if time will try to erase you completely. 

 I will keep my eyes closed,
 Keeping you hidden, 
Under my eyelashes.

 I can't forget you,
 Because your heart still loves your heart.  
I can't imagine you in other arms, 
Kissing someone I don't want for you.

  I will pray to the stars to light your way, 
I will pray to the rain not to turn into dark.

  I will cry every night 
When I will put my head on the pillow, 
Leaving the space free, 
The space that once was filled. 

 I will pray the ground
 To kiss your feet when you walk.
I will pray to the moon to take you
 Under my lungs.


  • Sep 11, 2020

  • Sep 12, 2020

  • You always have such great pieces! <3

    Sep 12, 2020

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