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In your work you write your words and say someone's right or wrong, that's matter of opinion. when it's not your decision. Time to grow and learn. Many judge cause they lost or won and thats just my opinion. Not based on facts so I'll relax and just sit back  and listen. I wont judge or make you feel like I'm not listening all I ask is when you task to listen to my opinion dont pass round your judgments like you know what you know and there cant be any difference. The world is full of millions of people love like you mean it. Fill hearts with love give life some meaning. Even if I disagree I wont say you are wrong if 2 2 =3 just show me how to get down that path. Open hearts accept thier own fate no need to eat off your plate. Death comes faster than you know dont waste time by not letting go. Life is just a passageway for the brave born a slave without a name when I die I'll be my pride.


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