I Sought You To Know. Read Count : 35

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The days you belly pinched,

That we wept and dried tears with our torn out garments,
Always heavy that you puissance squander, Still had to dive in the sand dunes,
 Render the suffering into joy,
Halted locking myself my soul in a cage ,

 Sought to evince i was not the bad child, Concede that i was a better person, Contumacy the confinement,
i wanted to be symbolic,
What the future held,
Could twitch and chip in,

 Regret ,
Fault at myself ,
That squandered my subconsciousness to greed,
Now am just a cripple,
Who hangs on barriers.

 by twem tance .


  • Sep 12, 2020

  • Tealla tance Tathie

    Tealla Tance Tathie


    Sep 12, 2020

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