Fornlorn Bountiful. Read Count : 19

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Crack my mind to void,
But to you am doltish,
Afflicts that i get meticulously precise at my wounded back,
At intervals wish could scatter,

Then recant  the blemish at myself,
That granted my palms to be handles,
Sought to sourge at you,
But procure to curse at your shadow,

Depraved you are with your chin up,
You sought to offer my soul to your beliefs,
Ought for me , to be assimilated,
Haunting me every second,
The time yet left with you,
Behest i could sleep like sleeping beauty in a fairy tale,
Until my chains are untied,

Am just a pet,
Being on a sick bed , calls for wines,
Anytime provender to predators,
Since you will not have a mouth to feed,
Am your obession which you dstitute of holding onto until you croak.

by twem tance


  • retentious

    Sep 11, 2020

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