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Dancing all night in the club,
 Trying to forget about troubles,
At least for a second, 
Getting connected with music.

  Music heals me, 
Where no finger can't touch. 
 I could spend here more than a weekend, 
My whole life. 

 From Monday to Sunday with the music loud,
 I leave the noise of the world on mute,
 Trying to feel good 
Through my dizzy movements.

 I can't live without music, 
As my lungs can't breathe without air.  
When I dance, 
I don't know if it's Tuesday or Wednesday. 

 Music to me is like a drug, 
It flows down my veins.
  It would be crazy to go home now, 
For me life is a party that can last until I die.


  • Sep 11, 2020

  • Sep 11, 2020

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