My Friend Plays The Guitar Read Count : 46

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My friend plays the guitar while I write, 
A song I would like you to hear.
  Words run and that makes me happy,
Even if I become melancholic.  

We were like fire until we burned the love.  
Your voices come out of my ears.
It is a pleasure to hear you, 
Even if you can't stay here with me. 

 I planted a tree but it dried up,
 I broke walls until I got hurt. 
 My friend plays the guitar, 
Collecting my dreams, 
Which I did not have the courage to live.  

Your dry kiss on my lips does not let me sing,
 My love for you does not make me believe...
 That something can change,
 That something can change in your heart,
 And you can love me right.


  • Sep 11, 2020

  • Sep 11, 2020

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