Stuck In The Middle Read Count : 25

Category : Diary/Journal

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Stuck in the middle, with what seems to be a riddle. I sit and I fiddle, eyes down, flipping my lighter a little. Can't think too clearly, I need to stop being in such a hurry. Why do I worry? Why are these thoughts so blurry? It all rushes in with a fury, in a flurry of memory seeming so stormy I can't see thoroughly. I'm waiting maybe, maybe that's why I'm in such a hurry? Maybe I'll find out by the time I turn forty? I'm missing something, that's one thing I know clearly, though I can't see it clearly. I feel like it rhymes with the words, gnarly, enemy, militia, or sorry. My mind is foggy. 


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    Sep 11, 2020

  • This is so brilliantly written. I love it!💜

    Sep 11, 2020

  • Sep 12, 2020

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