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Truth be told yeah more than they should know. I've never really tried to hide all my flaws maybe that's a downfall. My pain can be seen without a maul. So I don't sugar coat, why say the sun shines when its pouring. A little rain helps the flowers grow. From nothing to beautiful. Worried about my journey, cant you just enjoy life you always wanna be a burden. Truth be told people still love me despite my flaws and being in a hurry. It's my mistakes I know I made them, I'll lay in that bed then make it. Truth be told I'm always lonely even if the whole world was to hold me. That's who I am the happiest man forever dreaming living in sad lands. Truth be told you think I cant do it alone, act like you need me more than I condone. Truth be told I wasnt forgiven you played a role when I didnt. Truth be told it's you that needs me our time in passing has been brief. And you act like I'll never make it without you cause you cant live without me. Truth be told I know what I know and I can tell the whole world if they didnt know. You cant see past what I did to realize you ruined our chance at friends. 


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