I Could Get Used To Your Kiss Read Count : 45

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I could get used to your kiss, 
I could let your love reach my lips.
  Could I get used to your hugs, 
Could you love me 
Without trying to change me back? 

 You could look at me with your gentle heart,
Because sometimes your eyes can be blind. 
 You could understand me without words 
That are sometimes lethal, 
If they are misunderstood. 

 I could get used to your way of loving, 
Without ever getting tired. 
 I could get used to you until I get old, 
I could get used to your sarcastic jokes. 

 I could get used to you, 
The way I got used to myself.  
And I could love you more
 Than you think you deserve to be loved.


  • Sep 10, 2020

  • Sep 10, 2020

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