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No more replays, fuck those relays. I'm all outta extra lives, so now I gotta keep walking a little more wise. It sounds like everyone is screaming for my demise, but here I'm a rise, and I will not choose sides. I'm digging myself two graves, one for my sentiments, the others my remains. I can't always be someone who refrains. I'll rename, rebrand the game, becoming less hesitant the more I walk through the rain. There ain't no reigns on this carriage of what used to be blames. Minuscule cages, with bits and pieces of me  throughout their spaces. Time can't be wasted, defeat I've always tasted, when I always decided to go ahead and get wasted. Free baste it, heat it up, slow cook it, just don't forget to drench it, because who wants to eat dry shit? Yeah, screws are loose, make a friend almost get bit by a goose. Y'all say I ain't got no use, but lately I'm screaming I can't keep making an excuse. 


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