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I don't how to tell you I like you more than a friend... I know we have dated before, it didn't last long because you didn't want to ruin our friendship😔 it's to the point in life I'm scared of love now. So what's the point of telling you? I don't even know were I wold start to explain anything. So many things I have gone through in life. I don't know anything from your past life, but you almost know everything about mine.. I don't get it. Do you not trust me or is it something else? I wish I had the guts to send you this, but I don't. So you will probably never see this... We hardly talk anymore. I always ask does he talk about be ☺☺? reply: no I can't remember the last time he actually talk about you. Me: oh really😔 ok. Sometimes I wandered do you even remember me. Yeah we wave hi to echother in school but maybe your waving to someone else. It's hard to find the prison to go to about my problems. I'm bad a explaining things. You probably wold have no idea what I'm trying to tell you or say.. I wish you did. I still like you, I still have feelings for you.. Sometimes I wish I didn't. It's so hard now adays. Like I sed I can't even explain. I miss you. I truly do. Do you miss me at all do you even thank of me? Probably not😔 it's ok tho. If I was you I would not ether. I still love you though...


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