Homelessness Is A Temporary Set Back Read Count : 24

Category : Poems

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 Homelessness  is 
A temporary set back
That knocks ya 5 feet 
And pick back up 
To move forward 
With his mercy 
With his grace
With his hope 
With his love
With his faith guiding
You through it
To climb high 
To push forward
To push above and beyond
Is a temporary
Set back 
To build from the ground up
To rebuild your stability
To rebuild your foundation
To rebuild your strength
To rebuild your temporary
Til he is ready for you to 
Come home
Is a temporary 
Set back that tries 
To knock you down 5 feet
But you have to power
You have strength 
With his love to keep
Moving forward 
To stand tall
Above all that try 
To tear you down 
With his mercy 
With his grace
With his hope
With his faith
With his love 
For all around to see


  • Sep 10, 2020

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