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We were two kids when we first met.  
Trying to be nice to each other.
 Until we touched our lips.
 Falling like lovers.
I felt like I had everything.  
I thanked God for giving you to me.
I was everything I wanted to be, 
Believing that I caught the right destination
 Of my happy tears.

But time passed quickly, 
Losing the connection.
The summer days becoming
 Cold and deceptive.  

I was like a doll in your cold and playful hands.
 You told me I was beautiful, 
Always being nice to me.

  "Hello, hello, can you hear me darling?"
I'm nothing without you, baby.
My dreams are gone,
 Falling like rivers. 
Down, slowly, down to you, baby.

 You remember when you promised me 
That you would pour your love into my veins
 In small doses daily.
Now you laugh at seeing my sad tears 
Pouring from my eyes, baby.

Dear, I didn't lie to you, 
When I told you I was nothing without your love.
Now that you're gone, 
My life is sprinkled with your strong indifference.


  • Sep 10, 2020

  • great work

    Sep 10, 2020

  • Sep 10, 2020

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