Loved By A Monster Read Count : 16

Category : Poems

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You say you love me and its harmless I can remember times I thought I lost it.  When trying to get a peace of mind you slipped up and got caught blind.  I knew about you this whole time and let it ride I deserve whatever you decide, just remember I'm still alive. Broke my heart, almost killed me there's a monster in my life that's tryna get me. She lost her mind and let it slide playing with her friends online. Created a world and made it mine I almost took my own life. Scary as it seems you didnt really hurt me. I let go when you wanted to see me burning. I said I probably will knowing my life has been all up hill.  I could say I been through worse the object of grown folks pervs. You take the cake and beat them to it your first place on my list if I ever do it. Dont Live in fear because you blew it. Dont be afraid of the dark, I'm your worst fear the only snark you should fear. 


  • Sep 10, 2020

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