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If you only knew what it took you couldnt survive my past life. Hates a bad look, to my surprise I've begun to realize you want me dead so bad it's part of your lies. You couldnt do it even when you tried. Your attempt was sorry you flushed the rest cause your scared at best. You cant believe I survived that's when you invite me back everytime. To try again once more either I love you or take a chance at dieng. You cant have both and as for the last option hell I been trying, your not the kind that can lose time all implications say you're lieing. You bet on my soul I'd lose all hope and take my own life so no one would know you planted the seed and watched it grow I without a doubt was almost home. You know life in a box is awful cold you'll survive till you 100 yrs old. Implication now is sworn and told you crossed the lines that were my demise if I ever catch you, you've been told. So keep your secret it's safe with me I've been there done that with you and all I see is your manipulation, lies and deceit. Itll be a lonely life my only wife if you had a heart for me you would have listened and acted accordingly. Not demands just respect you couldnt say no to any demands. Here's one more get it in your head. I'm nice because I love you I make mistakes the road your traveling leads to grave mistakes. You've lost all your power that you held I guess its time to call the help. Bring a few cause when we're alone there's a demon in my closet singing a song.


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