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How do you explain you wont get far. You knew who I was from the start. The game you play isn't so hard. Its fucked up, look once again, why do you think you can pretend. So far gone you led me to believe I couldnt escape my reality. When the bough breaks and your walls close in. Just remember all the things you said. I cant forget how you lie to me. It doesnt even hurt but here's where it took me. On display star of the show even if I saw it coming I'd play gets boring and people should know how the story unfolds. My life is mine choose how I willso long as you understand you cant judge me still. Who knows what you do when no ones around. Who blames who can you see it now. Anti social and awkward is where I'll be. I am me real life without a grip ill never let go of the things that tried to break me it keeps me strong know you cant break me. You tried so hard to what did you accomplish you helped me keep this monster silent. I hope you can keep up cause you already know where I end up in life you cant go.a bitter bitch that cant let go sorry I broke your heart just let go. Tried to be a friend cause I know what it's like to have no one. Fuck your intentions no apologies 


  • really good

    Sep 09, 2020

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