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Maybe it's better this way, us parting way. You kept trying to sway me so I could come and lay. All this time, I've done nothing but try to stop the constant replay, of us laughing together through another day. You expected this to be easy? I keep asking myself, why did you turn the other way? Then I remember I was threatened to stay away so that I did stay, far away.  I went through hell in a way. Took so long to climb out the fray of so many demons set in disarray trying to block my way. When I said I wasn't the me you knew, I wasn't joking, believe it as you may. I didn't say that I would leave, I feel those words on repeat. Bye you say, when I'm still trying to find a way to properly explain. Here I remain, lost but unseen. 


  • nice

    Sep 09, 2020

  • Name Altered

    Name Altered

    i see you through the glass this too shall pass

    Sep 09, 2020

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