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I've never been good at explaining things. I grew into someone who keeps running, when things become a little too stressing. Right now I'm trying, harder than ever to begin explaining. Bye, is something I can't bring myself to saying. Yet you say it so easily making my mind a messing of mine fields waiting, impending. The only thing I'm running from is that part about adultery because it's not exactly one of those thoughts that are calming. I wasn't saying we should stop talking, I wasn't saying we should just be ending, before anything is even beginning. I want this to go right, so there's no possibility of a bad ending. I'm not playing, just want you to start realizing, sex isn't what I'm wanting, at least not when things are still too stressing. 

If you want me, you'd do things rightly. I can't be just a stick in the mud see. I need to think clearly, same to you though see. We can't rush here when things are still a little too cloudy. If you can't go through this for me, what am I to you, a toy to be?


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    if you cant get over the past it will destroy your future

    Sep 09, 2020

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