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As I sit here & season its an affront to my reason that your out there in season seemingly with a heart full of treason. Alas, Ersatz! A great payment for my head, if Rats & Snakes you lay with & take into your bed. The ghoulish wraith laid bare in my sight by your own afflicted plight once said to me, "with sex love & lies I can manipulate you. If not for my addictions & afflictions I never would have wanted to! I fear no man and I'm not afraid to bleed. I merely fear your conduct & your irreversible deeds. Terse, Lacönic , Spartan Grace, Intellect, Discretion, Loyalty to the Human Race. Of these you Cherish None! Thoughts for you to Masticate and Swallow One by One. With Foul Tools & in Darkness, we are all of us Endlessly Employed. For a chance at a life more than ordinary, Id crawl out of Hell to mend Lives now destroyed. Still now is my Heart and the Limb that wields the Quill. So it is this day my loyalty & lust for you retire as is any Carnal Knowledge of you or desire. The extant of your sex chant sung sycophantically in my ear belies & berefts me of all that I fear. I want to drown in you, and beckon "To my heart come hither & fear not those who came before with a troglodytic slither. For I am not they,---& if to ponder on the wonder that is you, I'd allow myself to be cast away ere it split my heart in two. It can no longer be so, this love affair has got to go. Breathe in my script & exhale its truth. For I am harbinger scribe and heraldic sleuth.  For you I reserve a tone of illest intent. Lo there am I Hell bound,  tho my vengeance is Heaven sent. From my heart are these missives laboriousley wrung albeit my penchant for pleonasmic tongue. Plague me no more with your ill begotten whine, bust something verbose, gavotte or motherfucking genuine. Faded is your sentient being,  employing only the Wicked I have been seeing. Cast away on this day to me you no longer linger with outstretched wretched finger,  we are dissolved. I am.....undone.   An original passage by Darron(Drin) James(Jacöb) Hildebränd


  • One of the best new/old english style writers of the past two decades. J. S. Hinkel

    Sep 09, 2020

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