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If I could walk upon the ocean  Or venture to the stars above. If I could turn back the hands of time I would take you from heaven with love. If I could build you a staircase  Or God give me wings so I could fly I would go straight up to heaven and I would pluck you from the sky. I would ask God for one more day So I could hold you tight in my arms Then I would fight to keep you and protect you from any harm God may not want to forgive me  But it is a sacrifice I am willing to make Because you are my very own angel So it is a chance I would have to take If it meant I have to take your place Son, I swear I would not hesitate at all I would willingly give you my life and I would happily answer gods call If each tear could add another moment To your life my loving son God would not be able to take you Until this world was finally done But this is just a pocket full of wishes To get me through this nightmare I am in Because my heart is broken in two With the pain, I am carrying within. I know God you will take care of him And love him as one of your own But please let my beautiful boy know he will always be with me here at home. 


  • Sep 08, 2020

  • heartfelt emotions poured into me reading your words, great work

    Sep 08, 2020

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