Nothing According To Plan Read Count : 20

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Hanging onto the edge of reason 
Security slips by
While moods change with each passing season 

In a world darkened with doubt 
Everyone is upside down
While I'm inside out

Your home was where my heart stayed
Where every reminder 
A memory turns to disarray 

With your clothes missing
And your keys gone
Even over a cold bed
A new day dawns 

But if you never fall asleep
Intrusive rays of light
Keep the pain burning deep

Haunted by the life you left
From promises spoken
Under delicate breath 
Now a broken home
Of unwavering regret

Within the mind
Plans go accordingly 
But the heart knows
It's only a fantasy 

I exist within clouds above
In a perfect world
Where my perfect place is with you
But the world
Has become a place
Of forgotten love 

How can love be the purpose of man
Within a world 
Where nothing goes as planned?


  • cool 😎

    Sep 08, 2020

  • Sep 08, 2020

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