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There's a poison in you that I dont like, 
There's lies coming out of you that you cant hide. You play the innocent game, when all you are is a snake. With no good intentions you've tried to ruin all my mentions, I saw you coming the hate in your heart tried to destroy me you manipulate and toy with me. Devil in a red dress I'm beyond your grasp. Truth be told I can let go you are not what I need, cause you have a black heart full of deceit. Show a little emotion when you state your claim, I love so much I cant take the blame. Wont fool me with your insane brain, I wont get lost I'm not the same. I've let go of ever wanting to know that you are the one running the show. So stop all that crying what's it all about, you make life worse, that's what I know about. I'll tell the world how you deceived me just so you can know that's not how to treat me. Forget me not so that you may know, I'm something you cant have, just let go


  • brilliant, think this is the best one you've done so far, well done

    Sep 08, 2020

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