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You always come back to me when you get hurt,
 When you feel alone, when you get upset.  
Oh, darling, but it's not fair,
That when you're happy,
 To not remember my name.  

You always want to receive attention, 
The attention you never pay.
When you meet someone new,
 You always disappear. 

 You always come back to me. 
 And you forget I have feelings too.  
You always come back,
 Darling, why are you so selfish with me?

  But darling, I'm already used to loneliness.
What you do, is nothing funny to myself.
While you come and then leave my life, 
Don't forget that I have a life to live too.


  • Sep 07, 2020

  • Name Altered

    Name Altered


    Sep 07, 2020

  • Sep 07, 2020

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