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Mom, I'm broken.  
Please blow over the wounds on my chest. 
 As you did many times when I was a child, 
When I hit my knees on the asphalt.  

Mom, I'm tired. 
 Hug me tightly to protect my weakened heart.
  Mom, I'm broken. 
 I loved and I got hurt. 

 It was so easy when I was a kid,
Now it's so hard.  
Why does it get hard, Mom?
  Why is life the way I never wanted for myself?

  It hurts more when someone hits your heart directly.
 It hurts more when you start to regret it. 
 It hurts more when you trust and you are deceived.  

It hurts more when you shout
 Someone's name and you don't receive
 Any answer from anyone.  

Mom, I'm broken.
  Come and fix my heart.
  Sew it,
 Make it look like new.


  • Sep 07, 2020

  • Sep 07, 2020

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