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Get some new stuff they say. Really though, y'all can see me, so y'all know where all that's at now. I know I ran, never reached out. Stole something for once and was late letting the truth out. SO sorry, I know I was messed up. At least I ain't trying to make you feel guilty about not reaching back out. Like haha, run the flags out. I'm figuring out what it means to be over the past see, I been working so hard on me, can't nobody actually see the change I've been pushing so hard in me because I don't exactly get out much even on a so called free day. I am becoming that new me I said I'd be. I won't ever again say that I'm sorry, won't reach back out to an old memory anymore because in hindsight it's what kept on destroying me. Y'all the ones that kept talking about me when I wasn't around see. I ain't got time to be that guy now, so no more will I plea. Let me talk about my problems just to be made fun of on the regularly. I'm here for my family, the way it should be. I ain't on that blame game, that's what I worked so hard to finally claim. A problem they all still see me, but I won't let it get the best of me. How's that for something new today? I'm just trying to get outta purgatory so I can keep writing the new story. 


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