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Hi its me Mr. Novelty the guy you cant pass up. Hes out done his luck, but I can see there's something more to this and that.  Picked up the bread crumbs you left a path.  Its not even crazy how yall do like little monsters tryna break who. Laughs and giggles heard from afar its you're tone of voice that set yall apart.  Too many to name not even gonna try. Doesnt matter right you got your guy. I can see how I played my part I read into what you put down. No more mind fuck shits for kids. When was the last time I got pissed? You try so hard to bring me pain or is it a lesson you're trying to frame? Sooner or later I can make it all end. I could send you spinning with the wind. There is no winner in this game you play what did you think I was gonna say. To name a few yes I know you. It's how you say not what you do. Learn a new script maybe not so cheesy stop making it so damn easy. Lose my patience is not my type, I can change be a different kind.  Narcissist games you play all day and you'd think I wouldn't care to say. Thanks for the seat at the table. I'm full now and quite able,  I'll see myself out thanks for coming I should make this the last time you push my buttons. We all know you know I know you disappeared so fast like where they go. Get better stories from your spun little mind. Before I start making up time. I can see what this all means I'll never be like the queen.  🤣🤣🤣💋💋💋


  • Amber Miller

    Amber Miller

    I love this

    Sep 06, 2020

  • interesting

    Sep 06, 2020

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