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I had a star wish upon me all the happy I could be. It lasted moments not long enough till me and that star become broken up. It wasn't our fault our stars aligned it was a chance meeting of the mind. Jaded by a past brought on by her dad a role i couldn't fulfill i couldnt swallow that pill. The freedom to roam without a word couldnt hold on for what its worth. Somehow now im the enemy my words cut deeper than the sea. Wish I knew what it felt like to have my piece of her pie. A chance to befriend her one more time. That star that wished upon me gave something i took gladly. With an open heart the advice I took. Even wrote down in my book. Applied it like pressure to a busted pipe hate its without her but she gave me life. To feel her thoughts one more time so I could remember what it's like. Itll come back around I'm sure it will everything else we said found us still. Wish upon a star


  • real nice, the muse that inspired you to write this one must be real dear to you. Enjoyable read.

    Sep 06, 2020

  • Sep 06, 2020

  • Sep 21, 2020

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