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And at this point the neighbors are the necklace could definitely hear everything I did take notice I did not see that more than you were people taking pictures including somebody from the health department now I’m over 18 but that’s why I’m checking on a managed care pro he asked me if I can cook for myself thinking to myself if I know how to care for the specials but do I know about monthly things going on with my body and I said yes but I don’t know always want to do sit and have the money all the time he said honey when it happens call me and I’ll buy you something quick so far but I’ll be VCR and some chocolate and plastic covering for the couch and a pillow and a monitor where I’m supposed to review any bad thingsAnd I am feeling throughout that week it would help them he’s a good I gave the amount to make sure that it wasn’t bleeding too hard I took my vitals and I’ll come down my bad thought if I was depressed how I could help myself through this with heating pad and what not invading and Mr. Jones family I would not show it due to the details of the gift I did not think that my doctor would like the way it was dressed or seen it was nothing like I had been shown in the Sears catalog for similar symptoms big black I suction cup it on wall camera as shown hop on it till Rex saw and no peanut butter my mom lured him my cunt is sweet says 19 pussy tasters 1 got one lick but 5 is20bucks his bro in law hears how tight and sweet he swears I put diver on my twat no but you can help I get 2grand for poop play if you dump n we play sexy rub it n fuck my cunt with it and stuff it back fuck my neck choke spray my tits and beat my face till I lick cum off. Ok if you like Asshole lay I play nurse n them butt temp I lick it put a tube up in the ass n water suck you off but you cum as I inch face you eat own cum I self suck my cunt gymnastics I helped the media an slut not to do self suck now he famous combos made horse rape his sis he sold her for a cleaning job not poop but guy says your my shit shikken bunghole cleaner . I said you a fag he shows me a book lover boy fisting mans wife Mexican tied up shocking body she pisses in mouth guy almost drown man rapes asshole taste your poop my shit is good your shit is bones organs cum . Tell anyone they will be worse . I am mayors as stand wifey pleases all the hot shots brothel is next my wife wants their cum they want violence shit packing huge bottles screaming criminal threaten to love my white women ok but they will die for white pussy and in turn all asylum sickos do there corpses ok not dead but can’t move pain yup but only I know. I record a bit for mom sis wife but then my version of disgusting inhuman acts against man child coma folks retards gags by rope or my beer can bruiseropening necks wide! I did a coma in the trachea hole I was given idea in a joke told I liked open eyed gurgling I pulled out suctioned and told her if I cum in your neck I will suction you won’t die ok. Scared she was not on a bag so distress may trigger pp I rode her neck no teeth I said tongue n suck coughing I was getting rhythm she was getting air but I needed mor “I WILL CUM AND KILL YOU SO TRY HARD TO LOOK LOVING AS I CHOKE YOU YOUR VARSITY GUY DID THAT BEST O EVERY I TURNREVERSE SUCK BALLS N ASS I REEM THAT AIR HOLE “bitch don’t smoke this is karma spitting on her warm pee floods oh I was not gonna hurt you bad but I think I will pussy ufolding oh nice clip spank my clit bitch slap fake dd tit I clamp a nip do you plastic tit killed them my mom came nursing us or at tv love scene dad tweeting hand under her fingering.  omg that’s five whore you want a nigger rape! Yessss huge dick as big as African snakes but hard and he pounds my pussy by my body is electric15 son of his I command trust my fanny and teach him pussy sucking so he will work always for me . Mr is slut gay even but I am innocent but I sent them sheet clad prehospital and maids pre blood to control him . LustyYes so it’s better to give him something to act out on and with that is well known with everybody before because it may ruin his life if it just happened all willy-nilly and with someone he didn’t know that you chose New Britain Lee this way everybody’s been briefed and no problems we both had anything right I need cable and Kate will only keep each other honest of course you’re mine and not yours so I can explain them very well I don’t know if you can anyhow everybody’s mutually happy right and if you’re not I would hate to get any further give me great family if her own and I hope the future of the family no matter what the laws are in a matter what don’t fly that flag because we believe in it I know I could not live without you people I know I messed up. I just have more money and the boys save me so I will take care of you that’s all you can do your own people no problem Mark my words I just noticed that they see that until many years after the civil rights movement actually made her headway they stayed on long after we paid quite well because they didn’t know what else to do and they were pretty inbred too.


  • James Keith

    James Keith

    wow amazing work it just looks like it doesnt make sense but it totally does at least from my life's perception lol great job keep it coming

    Sep 06, 2020

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