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Okay umc is trying to get cured of his rubbing up disease. I remember in store helping a girl she dropped her things pelvic thrusts holding her down he pulled shorts to side and messed in her hair but rubbed it in I said I thought she’d scream ! Umc said “so did I” 5 dollars and we meeting at church social. Umc spared from church after they found some of our forefathers have been defiled and nobody could figure out who city nor did they say the DNA. I reminded him he was banned and he said that’s why I said the social silly he was not allowed to go there either after the punch was a question that he brought. And there were some strange ingredients in there but none of them were from his body I don’t think unless he was pissed off and I didn’t know but he did have a thing feels psilocybin mushrooms should be used by everyone to commune with God so he was big fan of making tea some people have lemonadeStans well he sold ice tea mercy to the minors who didn’t live in town but now he brought it to the church. I seem to remember it being a lot more understanding after they got a specialty most of them either so I’ll dad and we’re told by him that they were not perfect people and they change their ways the way all guilty people have that kind of experience in one way or another they get to the course your feelings which are usually want to sell the satisfaction to taste that you were in denial about now it comes out and it’s appropriate with religion because it’s all about putting yourself down and you should be underneath the guy you were shit underneath everybody else did you say you care about how can you care about somebody and put them through something that you wouldn’t put yourself through or let them go through it if you had a choice not to and it would serve in the van how much you care about a person if you out of laziness please don’t explain to them that they’re doing is in direct opposition to maintaining a living body and a life that will last more than a couple years in other words drinking a piece of a liter of whiskey and taking the car out and you don’t even have a license reckless in other words being a personWho recognizes the things that will shorten her life and chooses not to do them and sees those things that are dangerous to other people obviously if they’re dangerous to then they would be dangerous to other people and still even though you may know the outcome you won’t tell them that maybe it’s not a good idea that’s a selfish sadistic sickening and if it’s not you should look at why it is many people a sensitive about what gets told to them instead of a thing or done to them get you it’s horrible things violating the same the lease and morals but it’s OK because in your head in with you and you’re doing it for the right reasons there’s so much of this prevalent that it’s become a popular thing to talk about narcissist sociopath psychopaths it makes me kind of sick that you’re borderline personality sorter‘s and that means that you’re going to fuck anything that moves because that’s the only way to get good feelings well they don’t have to they have a choice just like people praying to do other things like urges to and kill her naked you don’t do that and if you do that’s why you get locked up people that don’t doesn’t bother those are people that are so self involved that they should be on this earth either because this earth does not make you able to just be a single person alone at some point you can deal with other people and probably most of your life in a ton of them so be good to then don’t put hands anywhere they don’t want you to don’t suggest any weird shit that you know is going to be found out as a lie in evitable he don’t mess with your kids get the kids I’ll have your house alone trying to finish my high school studies so I can get out of here for college while we pressing everything my inbred family had come to pass on as OK no boundaries which I have worked hard to establish but once he gets out he can’t live here and when she gets out she got a live somewhere else where she can get her needs met maybe they can work something out ha ha Ha if they don’t kill each other I have to get out of this town but I don’t know how the bus stop that eventually into second with something big like greyhound once a week around here and once the winter comes nobodyConsiders put on town theAppalachian mountainsaround us isolated us. Tomorrow I have school and I can’t wait to tell them about the past two days my teacher is very happy when I tell her I am alone yes all the doors are locked all the windows to and by by the German Shepherd will let me know if anybody’s around I’m a little scared when she went to come because the mailman and the milkman can’t get here but they do have a phone tower to go up and soon I will be able to get some kind of cell phone service this landline went down in the last problem at home and digging  a back up tomorrow I have school and I can’t wait to tell them about the past two days my teacher is very happy when I tell her I am alone yes all the doors are locked all the windows to and Bubba the German Shepherd well let me know if anybody is around I’m a little scared once the winter comes to the mailman and the milkman can’t get here but they do have a phone tower to go up and soon I will be able to yet some kind of cell phone service this landline went down in the last probably home and they didn’t put it back up now I have to go and send we’re at the public library which is embarrassing because then all this Pickens knows exactly what’s going on in my life like oh an application to wear to women with no husband and no need for a man in their life who would like to get to know other religious women in their area to share special times with God and the miracle of his creation us modest need not attend she knew about that and I love you young girl was supposed to come actually next week and let me know about this beautiful place with her and her friends were allowed to come of age without anybody messing with them commune with God work on the land work on being good people do college classes learn everything I need to know to be either a good way or not or skill and I need the toilet at one of the most amazing he close and I know because he’s married he doesn’t want anything to do with anyone else it’s just that we are all his children she’s to come over and tell me more I’m so excited the schools wrapping up real soon here migrant workers will go back to the families this is why they’re kind of two days a week but it was enough for them to pass college here and then he leave I like them very much they spoke very good English and they were very kind of coarse we were practicing that they were less than what those people had people that have done such yucky things that I couldn’t think of them with anything other than the lower the low my friend the migrant workers may not make the kind of money that does other people did but they also work for it very hard and do not rob anybody and do not try and get over on anybodyI wish my world was different I hope the rest of the world is different I don’t see that how we can be sure there’s less stuff out there but they say people are people and if that’s true then my only towns people leave a lot to be desired they told me who not to mess with but none of those people ever did wrong by me stole my albums my family did that the council there’s a one that made fun of me because I’m a true bastard John John Bob and his fourth birthday party when I was only three was making fun of me and how little I was to his friend I said she won’t even punch me in the nose if I tell her to and he stood over some stairs well I didn’t know better and I did and he went downstairs tumbling how do you says is leaving happy birthday and I got sent home with your pizza I never had pizza until then that wouldHave been my first time and the toy I was giving him I really want it myself but was not allowed to have so I said mom they’re not getting the pizza I’m taking my toy and she said no you’ll be there till he broke his nose and I said he was making fun of me he gave it to you and said if I didn’t I was a baby and I’m not a baby and his mother was still yelling at me and a little boy still crying and I said you’re a bitch I want my truck back to you should be crying my dad said boys don’t cry I need you girls to set up are you crying you don’t get a truck that night I took the truck back I need disappeared to I was so pissed I had done nothing wrong and when I saw him again he tried to be friends and you are not my friend you made me do that and he took my truck did your girl you don’t need to track I said you don’t even play with it and it’s a little heavy for me and I said not for me bring it in and I’ll trade you I said I have a whole set a matchbox cars from the last sports cars they put out and well I’ll give it to you when we were also flipping baseball cards well he used his dad old old baseball cards like Babe Ruth and hang Aaron and I used onesNo names that came in happymeals
I want all of his and I have been putting plastic is they were worth money even now they are of course they’re locked up in the bank I have it and I have them but he was in third square I didn’t know if you’d be that bad at flipping baseball card lose their demands i then back I said he had traded parent Square when I showed him with babies come from he said he would give me a whole stack of them and I said I showed him the parent Square and his dad happy birthday for some reason and so is he funny he takes the guy that helped build the funeral home next-door and there’s transportation and they have a thing going I often see him there I wonder if he works there too they said they have music on my dog was sniffing at the window make a song is prowling missing no shots fired I wonder what was going on a name because I told him I was my dog OK this boy had lipstick on like human kissing I smell that laughing gas stuff like from in the dentist no wonder the dental hygienist with the other man in the next room to I heard him say check my wisdom teeth do you think you can get an instrument to see my wisdom teeth he said I need to do a bronchoscopy tell me if you’re going to throw up and the door was cracked and what do I seepelvic to face oh is that what they meant when he said fuck my face ride my neck OMG I want to see a pearl necklace they heard when you slam the window I said it once more and he said you’re gonna have to pay if you can watch anything you already owe me I have no cash would you like a taxidermy job because after I find that raccoon Owe chets bites but bruises blood is drama the mortician bobPicasso the Rigamortus beautifier has turned all of our long forgotten finally checked in on relatives in to an almost feel the state when a man that can happen. And you say you couldn’t even see his head he come on he gave him a nice crap I’m in the name of that with the secretary in perpetual in large state that was no countrywide he did Yana real thing and that was remove some of the telltale final moment positioning which included the coat hanger have a member which she was hanging the secretary bye as she had a witchhunt after her and then the main witch and her actually fell in love apparently was still up thingShe just wanted to touch all of her old things first now she’s a fire eater and the secretary is the secretary to none other than the traveling ministries of the healing touch of the Old Testament God who swears that you should have more than one way and it don’t matter as long as theyl bleed. No fair my step daughter if they tried something like that on her before she was ready willing and had many dates of the men in black him home I would knowledge him and they would all be in Tabor for it that’s just where we live in less you’re from here you can’t do any wacky and breads that we will not stand for it if you’re from here do you certain amount of history that made you late you are people from other parts they should know better than our laws are for them I just find out if you got your appeal system but we agree community service year since they did let out
Many backward victims at their own families just didn’t know better but these new people from elsewhere she have a few some morals was and I think that we adopted recently through this live and let live in love thing and while having a kiss taste for anybody who tasted like with another including businesswoman now don’t even bring up the kind of thing they are in different ways of not having babies because they want to have as many as possible oh no I didn’t realize why OK never mind I will never have another one because I don’t want them to clean them either they have to go into a religious school with a pre-done or they are considered It was that oneBook nerd his parents both died very soon after the moving here he was very into the hereafter and I said everything’s not so much caught up in the here and now how am I going to get myself out and taken care  a dreamer he studied he learned interesting interesting things he was into ancient knowledge which I don’t get it because that was a long time ago isn’t present knowledge bedroom he said he has everything to do with it then he had magic both dark magic books for some illusions of some pre-religions which I believe are paying bills and found out from my preacher that by reading that he blaspheming family and I pray for his soul you should know this is not nothing they can still God but just like to read things that were different he said it is fine i just keep a grasp on reality and he said you should be this esoteric writers he gave me bothReligion books from far east Dantes inferno pagan rituals and how they related to the Christian holidays all the super society and how they branched off for me which is possibly in this one my old friend did not like huge part of the sonic game you know ASAP geometry I was told by this guy and then the sun feels really a whole different thing and that I should fear itGot mail from hunk his roommates Charlie who plays guitar andMakes him laugh tells him about little girls all over the place he convinces to be your family and A adoptConfused teens wanting a good time and blow their mind and how this plusA race war will level the currupt USA And in the pen he said there are many smart black man looking to make things right here by that time it all out war or he does he seem setting that he can get along with them and rise above it in the end why did you leave him alive I don’t know they probably wouldn’t but anyway he said he’s friends with them so whatever I’m glad I found a good roommate I’m so sorry that he’s not more touchy-feely maybe he is just dumping him home


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