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Earth and all inhabitants have long confounded me. I never related to there lessons that they tried to instill. So important... so obvious. An empath prior to having bad emotions that really bothered me. My trauma as recalled was either parent screaming at another or me . Mom mostly. Lies . WRONG and fictional arguments created if my “or what mom you gonna hit me?”  
      No I will tell dad.  Yes she would tell him after work a train home , on this train he would go to the smoking car smoke a cigar drink for beers and probably come down off the Coke he had been doing all day. I figured that because the baggies were empty each time and mother removed him from his pants pocket each night like anybody would need a reason to want to be on somebody coming down and being bothered by idiotic things at some woman screaming at the top of her lungs that I wouldn’t entertain the neighbors kids because they were always trying to hurt my sister and I and I would have toResist retaliation on these kids that would terrorize mostly my sister. I was brought up if somebody hits me it’s on. If somebody sit out to beat me up defend myself not to let anybody walk all over me or steal things or to hurt my family my sister or things if there was no adult stop them from doing what they were doing and if it was dangerous and any means necessary I knew with this meant. My judgment was very good and I was very tolerant these children had parents that would go to jail and any given time because they were the talk of the town. As not even working middle class and we struggled my dad didn’t even make 10 grand a year.           
     I was a little advanced to myself had a reading 2 1/2 it was too smart for my own good she could no longer hang out with guys and feel it was safe because I didn’t know that I couldn’t mention these friends of hers to my father I didn’t know but my father-in-law who is really very cute was unknown to my dad when I brought this up it was a dark week that I remember. I remember my mom said she was going on some kind of religious sabbatical her new adopted temple with her taking a lot of her time. Leaving that at home on his day off NYU trying to get his attention I thought he really couldn’t give a crap that I was there. I remember not liking my mom very much. All I knew is that when my dad was around he was OK to me he might’ve ignored me and I might’ve had issues with that like being stuck in my cabinet. They were orange crates stacked on top of each other only three high but then I wasn’t even three years old I was stuck in the top one and Star Trek was on my father couldn’t hear me yelling in the next room I have to pee he could hear me he said I got myself in a trouble and it was too bad so I Peed in my Fisher-Price lunchbox I didn’t spill any I’m so proud of myself for that if I would’ve and if he would’ve dealt with it normally he sure did now got rid of the evidence because how do you explain thatAlso that although I was not allowed to watch TV except for PBS one show during the day I saw the entire star track through the crack in my door yes I saw this . I remember seeing the bird a two and a three beans and then I debility to watch them it was the same time of year just a year later sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I said I saw that already it’s not too violent for me that’s when she knew should waited too long.


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