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As I gaze at my reflection i see two people, both are part of my life. One has control now while the other is in a bind. It took 35 yrs to take that beast, the killer that didnt care that had a hold on me. Tired as a child of the lies and manipulation, grown folks always taking favors. Horrors a kid should never have lived, created a monster so it couldnt happen again. He took control while I lost hope, that there'd be anything other than people with lost souls. After too many hells I put myself through, something finally took hold a breakthrough. I found who I am. the man that cares gives a dam, he locked up that monster in another land. I've found myself through the darkest times and now understand where once I was blind. Lifes what you make it not how you feel, things can be looked over pretend it's not real. Proud to be the man I've become. there's no limit to the freedom that I've found. what was lost can always be found. Use the same drive that made that monster, I'll build a life with or without ya. Proud to be the man I've become my life is mine finally begun.


  • cool

    Sep 06, 2020

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