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As I said in one of my previous writings, I am very intrigued by anything related to spirituality. One thing that is present in almost anything spiritual, whether it's a spell being attempted, meditation, or any other sort spiritual practice, is manifestation. This is the process of repeating a statement or wish over and over again, until it eventually becomes reality. By doing this, you're consistently putting whatever it is that you're wishing for into the universe, which eventually causes it to manifest into something more. Something real. But it does take time. It's not something you can just say a couple times each day and expect it to happen instantly just because you want it to. You have to be consistent. Say it like you mean it. And eventually, with time, it will happen. There is actually a scientific theory behind manifestation that basically states that whatever words you put into the universe, is exactly what you're gonna get. This can be both good, and bad. For example, if you were to repeatedly say "I really don't want to fail this test, I really don't want to fail this test," you'll most likely end up failing the test, as you said the words "don't," and "fail this test." That's like saying you think you're going to fail, but you hope you don't, and that's what the universe takes in. What should have been said was: "I'm going to pass this test," or "I'll ace this test!" If you put positive energy out into the universe, that same energy will be transferred back to assist you. 


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